Indulgence at the spa

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I’ve had quite a bit of massages and facials in my life so far, no complaints there. Admittedly, some were better than others. I’d have to say the absolute number one so far is an outdoor experience on Siladen, one of the tiny beautiful Indonesian islands. It was the kind of massage you see in a just-to-perfect-to-be-true ad in the How To Spend It. A bed surrounded by bright exotic flowers, on a pristine white beach and a see-through green ocean. A soft warm breeze gently moves the leaves of a palm tree that casts just the right amount of shade on your comfortable massage bed. The soft hands of the Asian lady dressed in a crystal white dress move with the perfect balance of pressure and stroking over your bare tanned back. Nothing to hear but the soft breaking of the waves. Sheer heaven.

And then there were other experiences… Without going into too much detail, they involved stained towels (yuk!), a middle-aged tiny, skinny man with the biggest mustachio I had ever seen (no further comments), a Chinese version of a thorough massage on an Italian beach that I really did not see coming (it must have looked like a fisherman fighting with a fish he had just caught – me being the fish – ouch!) and walls so thin you could hear the gossip of each massage room (less horrifying but still not what you bargain for when spending your cash on a two hour massage).

So, when I went to the flagship salon and spa of Gina Conway in Wimbledon for a Harmonising Indulgence Facial & Massage – just one of many special massages Gina Conway has to offer – I came prepared. The salon looked clean and pleasant; good first impression. I sat down in the waiting area and enjoyed a delicious natural Aveda tea while filling out a form about my health, skin type and other relevant stuff. They take it serious, I like that.

Soon I was led to the massaging area through what seemed to be a hidden door. Immediately the lights were dim and the atmosphere was calm and silent. My massage lady briefly explained what the treatment entailed and left the room to give me a few minutes to undress. The room was not too big, just fine. Lots of dark colours, soft relaxing music, soft big towels, a shower, a robe. And it looked clean – essential for a positive experience in my book. The lady came back and asked me to take a seat in a chair with my feet in a tub filled with warm water. After a nice foot scrub I positioned myself comfortably on the table for my massage. I was asked to choose between three scented oils and we were off. The massage was very pleasant, with just the right amount of pressure. Lovely. I slowly felt time slipping away and simply enjoyed being pampered. After about an hour the lady smoothly started the facial. My skin was cleansed and scrubbed, with regular use of wet heated mini towels – I adore those. I received an Aveda masque and serum; even the lips were taken care of. A scalp massage and another hour later, the pampering was over and it was time to wake up. The lady gave me all the time and privacy I needed to drag myself back to the real world.

Like a zombie I sat in the taxi on my way home. Empty head, relaxed, even sleepy. The next few days I did notice my skin felt very soft and looked fresh. The Gina Conway Harmonising Indulgence Facial & Massage may not top my Siladen experience, but as far as massages and facials go, this one definitely ranks in my top 5.

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