Say No to Synthetics

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Allmygoodness attended Voice Meets Fashion which was hosted in The Platform, a hip and unique venue close to Regent Street. Among guests were singers Pixie Lott and upcoming singer Jocee, who couldn’t wait to see what these budding designers had to offer.

However, we were on the look out for one designer in particular. Clara Halsall, Kingston University fashion graduate and a Merchandiser at Hobbs Head Office, Bond Street. Clara’s collection drew us to her because of her ‘say no to synthetics’ theme running through her collection. The collection, which is made of purely natural materials, has a modern, bold theme to it. The silk garments glistened their way on the catwalk and we (and Pixie) were suitably impressed.

On asking Clara why she made her collection with natural materials she told us that she is a big advocate for good quality and with natural materials this is guaranteed.

After being head hunted by Voice Meets Fashion, we predict big things for Clara.

To find out more information about Clara and her synthetic-free collection, visit her website or follow her on Twitter at @Clara_Halsall where she will be happy to answer any questions.

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