British Fashion Week: Q&A with Lady Josephine Smith-Mands

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BFW has a clear mission: to give British Brands, Designers and Products a platform for them to showcase their products that are made in the UK and for those that outsource a networking environment to source right here in the UK.  We asked the woman behind this great initiative, Lady Josephine Smith-Mands about her view on ethical fashion.


Which ethical brands are joining the BFW? Do you feel there should me more?

There have been several ethical brands that have shown keen interest in BFW and I am working personally on making sure that a big part of the show has a good representation of Ethical designers and brands, it is something that lies close to my heart and slowly we are seeing a demand for more ethical and eco fashion and beauty.

How important do you think ethical or slow fashion is to the sustainability (in the broad sense) of the fashion industry? 

In a world in which we live , the 21st century, our times have moved on where society must take a view on ethical fashion as being part of the norm, I would suggest that the majority of fashion shows/weeks are taking a firm stand with ethical fashion which is wonderful as it gives out a clear strong message that ethical fashion is part of fashion and does not stand alone in the minority, we are slightly behind others in the sense of things, however at BFW we really want to bring the cause and it’s designers/brands to the front of line and give them a big platform.

How do you see the future of fashion on this subject?

The future of this subject in fashion will only get stronger with time, our fashion consumers are getting more savvy and realizing that ethical fashion is something that will be part of the future in our society and in many senses has already starting making its mark on the fashion industry, perhaps not as fast as we want to but all good things come to those that wait, I predict that in the next five years ethical fashion will have a huge wave of success and continue to do so in the future.

What do you see established brands doing to become more ethical, if at all?

Our established brands are taking small yet positive steps towards the ethical fashion world and for those that have , need to be applauded, I really do see in the future our more established brands getting involved deeper, the demand is there and when there is a demand from the consumer, the designers and brands have to sit up and listen because the consumers are the ones that really push the need for ethical fashion.

What designers do you see as a possible example for ethical fashion?

I would like to personally see McQueen and Westwood do a full collection of ethical designs, that would seriously rock my world and just put them further up on the scale for me as the best designers in the world, Dior and Chanel would be cool also, but my message would be to the customers of these brands and designers to ask for it, make it happen.

Who is your favorite ethical designer?

I love Edun, people should keep an eye on Edun, for me they set the standards of what ethical fashion is all about, the collections are fresh, edgy and wearable.  So Edun for their story behind the brand and how great the clothes are, From Somewhere for the fab show stopping gowns and Issiworld for great bags.

What does BFW do to stimulate ethical fashion?

Simple, we give them free exhibition space to promote the cause and case, we all need to stop and think about how the rest of world ticks and for me ethical fashion plays a huge part in this.

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