Dress like a Greek goddess

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When I met Athena Bentila from Greece, I knew right away that this lady’s story was one to tell. Athena creates very special organic dresses from one of the Cyclades island in the Aegean Sea. MuMu organic is dedicated to creating breezy, light, handmade dresses that are produced locally in Greece with a commitment to using fair-trade, eco-friendly fabrics, providing beautiful women’s clothing of high quality.

“It is indeed, difficult times, especially in my country right now. I started my brand MuMu in 2009, when I had moved out of Thessaloniki to go to a Greek island and start my own business together with my husband Roland Wakker, who is a Dutch artist/painter/sculptor. We moved to Syros, a very cultural and historical island, but unfortunately not a very known destination for tourists. This is where we started our business. We created a beautiful space, a retail boutique, selling only organic, sustainable, Fair Trade women’s clothes and accessories (jewellery, scarves, bags, shoes). Every item sold in our shop called ‘MuMu’ was new to Greece, it was sold exclusively in our shop and nowhere else in Greece. The decoration of the shop was made by my husband and it was a great place with style and completely made with wood, natural paints (Auro), recycled materials for decoration, energy saving lamps, no air condition.

At the same time, I launched MuMu organic, the 1st ethical label from Greece producing women’s clothing from Fair Trade organic fabrics, natural linen, peace silk, silk/hemp blends and other sustainable fabrics. The Cyclades Islands and the Aegean sea with their blue skies and cobalt-colored waters are only some of the sources of inspiration for our collection. The reason we decided to start this shop and the Mumu organic label is because we wanted to create something innovative for Greece, something beautiful and at the same time friendly for the environment. Unfortunately recycling in Greece is quite new and in some territories not done at all. It is a pity to see such a beautiful country, visited by too many people every year, look dirty some times and realise that many people are not sensitive about matters like the environment or the heritage they leave to their children. With launching MuMu organic we also wanted to let people know that there are many ways to help to protect the environment.  Buying organic, eco friendly clothes is one of them.
I have a great experience in designing and producing women’s clothes, as I have been doing it for myself since the age of 15. For almost 20 years I have been designing and producing all my clothes. And I was always proud to see that people were satisfied by the result and they liked my clothes. I have been using a professional sewing machine from the age of 15.

The new MuMu organic Spring Summer 2012 collection is strong and bold, feminine and girly, stylish and charming, with elements of architecture. The designs are sensual and nostalgic with modern shapes. This collection has dresses with full skirts, fitting dresses, strapless dresses, with half short sleeves, frill and pleats and extra volume. The fabrics used are certified organic cotton and a wonderful organic cotton-linen fabric. The colours are intense, with colourful dots and a passionate red fabric with threadwork pattern.

I hope my designs will inspire people and make them realize style can be ethical. I have made every piece of clothing with love and I hope it brings a bit of Greek sunshine to every woman wearing it.”


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