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‘Remember you said you’d like to meet someone beautiful and sleep with them? Well, here I am: room 214.’

How’s that for a welcome? I must admit, this message written in enormous letters covering my hotel room door put a big smile on my face. Full of anticipation I opened the door and entered the world of Conscious Hotels, the hip and green hotels of Amsterdam. There is something magic about entering your hotel room for the first time. You never really know what to expect and those few seconds of opening the door remind me of the feeling I had as a kid when opening a present. There it was, a perfectly fresh and clean, cosy room. I started my quest and opened the curtains to find a view on a green roof. Cool, a roof covered with living plants for isolation of the hotel. Good thinking and a nice view as a bonus. Next was the bathroom, always a big deal to me. Now there was a surprise: the bathroom was much more spacious then I expected. I loved the greyish mosaics and clean white sinks (with tabletop made of pressed paper but looks like stone!) and towels. Clean, comfortable and warm, just the way I like it. And there, next to the organic soap dispenser, I found the next message that made me smile: ‘baby, I can keep dispensing all through your stay and beyond.’ I love this place already. Makes me forget there is only a shower and no bath.

Now, last but not least, on to the bed. Big enough, nice white sheets and made from all natural materials. Behind the pillows a FSC certified wall covering close up of green bamboo. Nice. The basics were right as well. Closet made from recycled materials with hangers: check. Hairdryer with enough power: check. Flat screen TV with working remote: check. Quiet atmosphere: check. After a nice warm shower, that miraculously uses 35% less water than regular showers, I fell asleep wondering why not more hotels are sustainable like Conscious Hotels.

After a good night’s sleep I headed down for another favourite thing of mine: the breakfast buffet. This can be a deal breaker, really. The buffet was small, but good – and naturally all organic. Delicious bread, eggs in several forms and shapes, really crispy bacon (bonus points), a modest amount of fresh fruit, yoghurt, muesli and good coffee. The area is a bit dark, but after a few minutes I realised it had its benefits to wake up slowly in a not too lit atmosphere. After having enjoyed my breakfast, I wondered around a bit in the lobby/bar area of the hotel. Somewhat less hip then the rest of the hotel, but cosy. Near the reception desk I found some nice sustainable products for sale, like a flower grenade and an iPhone cover made of cork.

Then it was time to go. I said goodbye to my beautiful, clever stranger and decided I was happy to have met him. Parting is never easy, but I will be back.


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