The dynamics of standing still

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A few months ago, I had my first introduction to Chi Kung, and I was amazed by the effect it had on my posture, energy and the connectivity of my body and mind I experienced. The exercices I did were based on those you can find in the book The dynamics of standing still by Dutch Peter den Dekker.

The book is a clear and practical introduction to the ancient Chinese art of Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung. Monks were probably the first to practice this art, to balance and strengthen their body and mind in their spiritual search. Later, warriors discovered it and used the techniques to become stronger in their battles. For many centuries, the art remained a prerogative for martial elite and the monastery. However, in recent times it was rediscovered by the public and has spread all over the world since.

It is almost impossible to really explain Chi Kung in a few words. But take my word for it, although it may seem a bit boring and weird at first (you know, the folk standing still in the park holding a virtual beach ball), if you open your mind to it, Chi Kung will give you life lasting health and wellbeing benefits. It will help you find your strength, in every situation, also in your work. It will help you relax, breath and stand better. In short, it will make your life better.

Read the book and be inspired. And preferably find a Chi teacher to really show you the ropes.

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