The perfect denim look

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Denim is still one of the best things to dress in. It sits easy on your body and gives you that look of ‘I-just-threw-something-on-but-still-look-pretty-darn-cool’. But… it is essential that you pick the right type of denim. We don’t want a woman’s butt or a pair of blue jeans that one could find in the elderly homes of Florida. Finding the right fit and washing are key to gain that sought-after look.

Well gents, I can help you there. You are guaranteed to find your perfect pair of denim bliss at G-Star. This Dutch brand has been one of the coolest denim providers on the planet for over 20 years and they are still going strong. Designs are original and edgy. You might call it tailored street wear. The quality is sublime and every G-Star garment has a certain detail that makes it original: a special button, a hidden pocket, an unexpected zipper. And don’t worry, they also have some rather basic stuff if you are the classic type.

Buy G-Star in shops around the planet or online.

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