Moisturizer for your princess

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To me there is nothing quite as lovely and rewarding as my little ones after bathing, sitting on the sofa in fresh pajamas. I love how they smell like pure baby, mixed with a touch of fresh soap. Needless to say I choose their bathing products with great care (meaning after extensive smelling of numerous bottles).

However, recently my three year old girl decided that baby products no longer suit her. They are fine for her brothers – they are babies – but not for her. She now wants to use my cream, my shampoo, my lip balm. I am not very possessive about my stuff, but somehow I don’t think anti-wrinkle cream is the best choice for a three year old, nor is shampoo for coloured hair.

Luckily, French Alphanova created a lovely skin and hair care line for little girls. The Princesse line consists of face cream, shampoo, bath and shower gel. All products are 100% natural and made with organic strawberries, cotton and aloe vera. They feel and smell wonderful and the packaging is adorable. My daughter is a happy camper – and my cream and shampoo are safe.

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