New fashion icon in the making: Myrrhia Fine Knitwear

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Missoni and Diane von Furstenberg, watch out! There is a new star rising and her name is Myrrhia Resneck. At age 7, she was introduced to the art of knitting by her grandmother – how thankful we are for that. Myrrhia showed true talent and the rest is history in the making.

Two years ago, Myrrhia decided to go public with her amazing designs and I foresee a great future for her original and stylish pieces of art. Having designed and created most of my dresses myself, I know a thing or two about the process. This is knitting 2.0. The technique, the designs, the execution: absolutely stunning. And if that is not enough, Myrrhia works with organic yarn and fibers spun in the US.


The new collection consists of patterned maxi skirts, lace knit tops, cardigans, flowing long dresses and much, much more. I would advice to get yourself some fine knitwear from this California based lady and be a true trendsetter. It won’t be long before the masses discover this new fashion icon in the making.

Myrrhia is available through wholesale and Etsy.

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