Tea according to ancient Chinese tradition: Green Boar Tea

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Looking for a soothing and satisfying drink? Try Green Boar Tea.  Green Boar Tea is the vision of Henry Virgin. Henry discovered this high quality, organic tea while he was a teacher in South China. On his return to London, he found it impossible to find this speciality tea.

Henry was worried by the pollution which he had encountered in China; pollution generated by international companies and he discovered that enlightened Chinese tea farmers had returned to the ancient methods of organic tea husbandry and had sought out relations with Fair Trade. The finest teas came from these farmers. Henry decided to bring this wonderful traditional tea to London.

Henry has now published the account of his time teaching in China and the reason why he set up Green Boar. ‘Teaching in Tangxia’ is available on Amazon.

The teas at Green Boar are certified organic by the UK Soil Association and wherever it has been possible to be verified, they are Fair Trade. They also have some special Korean teas at Green Boar that make a great gift.


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