Pura Vida delicious raw bread

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Pura Vida is the baby of Aija Dave. Aija is originally from Latvia and started Pura Vida Food in 2010. She began with selling raw food at various London markets and catering at festivals. Aija discovered an unexpectedly good demand for organic raw flat bread products. After careful consideration she decided concentrate solely on providing a single introductory flavour of raw bread and so raw onion bread was born.

Pura Vida bread is made with 100% whole and unprocessed, sprouted, living raw ingredients, not cooked or baked at high temperatures but gently and slowly dehydrated at 40 Celsius. Gluten, wheat, yeast free, vegan and raw, high in protein, easy to digest and laden with the full spectrum of nutritional components, just as nature intended.

Pura Vida is not only healthy and organic but full of wonderful flavour. They also sell delicious dried fruit and a wide variation of chocolate. Pura vida is available online and in shops.


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