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Pioneer in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion, fashion and lifestyle brand People Tree work together with artisans and farmers in developing countries to create sustainable fashion.

Fair Trade doesn’t just mean a fair price for their workers, People Tree have a whole different way of doing business. They support 50 Fair Trade producer groups in 15 developing countries. Provide training to artisans and their organisations and provide 50% advance payments on orders, to help farmers and producer groups. Putting money into local communities, like Kumbeshwar Technical School, Kathmandu, who help fund educate children.

Founded in 2001 by husband and wife team: Safia and James Minney, we think People Tree are dominating the current sustainable fashion industry in the UK and Japan. That’s because the products aren’t just beautiful to look at. People Tree are piloting the new Fair Trade Standard: an on ground worker-focused system resulting in the first certification for artisanal, Fair Trade groups. The feedback gathered from this FTS will give an even more comprehensive picture of performance and progress. People Tree also implement further Capacity development, focusing on partners in Bangladesh. For example by upgrading skills in pattern cutting, quality control and grading. Also reviewing the supply chain, particularly yarn procurement with the aim to improve quality and transparency. The People Tree team visits partner producers around the world. “It’s very good that People Tree visits combine training, feedback and market information – this helps a lot!” says Kumudini Welfare Trust based in Bangladesh.

Winning Best Ethical Style Award from Reveal Magazine and Best Ethical E-tailer Award from Cosmopolitan, both in 2010 (to name but a few) People Tree are pioneers and show how sustainable fashion is the way to go forward. People Tree are on a clear mission to support, protect, supply, provide and to ‘set an example to business and the government of a Fair Trade model of business based on partnership, people-centred values and sustainability.’ Safia added: “For every beautiful garment People Tree makes there is an equally beautiful change happening somewhere in the world.

This inspired Emma Watson to be the face of People Tree in 2010 to show her support of ethical fashion. The capsule collection was so well received that Teen Vogue said: “Emma Watson brings her glam touch to ethical fashion.” The Daily Telegraph called it “Ethical attire that will put a spell on you.” It surely has put a spell on the allmygoodness team.

People Tree are part of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) since 1996. The WFTO standards include: Creating oppor- tunities for economically disadvantaged producers; Transparency and accountability; Fair trading practices; Payment of a fair price; Ensuring no child labour and forced labour; Commitment to non discrimination, gender equity and freedom association; Ensuring good working conditions; providing capacity building; promoting fair trade; Respect for the environment.

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