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Transparency should be the new black. With the rise of “green washing”, it’s truly refreshing to find a company dedicated to telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Bruno Pieters has created such a clothing company.  Honest by is not only ethical, it is also characterized by a design narrative laden with a bright yet spare elegance consistent with its “clean” brand image.

In 2010, Pieters voluntarily walked away from an award-winning fashion design career, that included being the art director for avant-garde line Hugo by Hugo Boss as well as a successful label of his own. After donating a good deal of his business interests to charities, he took a sabbatical from fashion.  Pieters explained, “I took some time off to travel the world. It was important for me to have a break, take some time to get to know myself again, whilst reflecting and enjoying my life.”

His return to fashion this year marks a radical departure from his previous career and, indeed, much of the fashion industry. He wanted to create something that had little negative impact on the planet and its inhabitants while also educating and supporting consumers to “do good” with their purchasing power. “Honest by is the first company in the world to share the full cost breakdown of its products. The word Honest refers to the way in which the honest by online retail store operates, with an 100% transparency policy. The concept behind Honest by offers designers a public platform to share their own design processes; utilizing the extensive research honest by has already conducted on organic fabrics and suppliers. We communicate everything about the materials, the manufacturing methods, and even the pricing strategies of the products stocked with honest by, to our client. Every part of the collaboration process is transparent including the store mark up calculations. We also invite different designers and brands to create ‘Green’ items or collections for honest by. All collections are then exclusively sold via the Honest by online store. I think that makes Honest by very unique and fun!” according to Pieters.

I recently caught up with him at London Fashion Week’s sustainable fashion exhibition, Estethica. I was delighted to find him there. His peaceful, unassuming demeanor belied the profundity of the remarks he made earlier this year during a presentation at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. His Spring/Summer 2013 collection was just as refreshing replete with his trademark precision tailoring and predilection for innovative design details like cut-out arm holes in the jackets.

Currently, it’s only possible to purchase Honest by garments online at his website. He’s delayed retail placements, in order to maintain the integrity of the concept. On the site you’ll find gorgeous additions for your fall wardrobe in the form of cruelty-free wool sweaters for both men and women as well as organic cotton sweaters by Muriée in natural grown colors including a soft brown and green.

Ladies will also find a beautiful adjustable crease cotton satin wrap skirt as well as black and off-white herringbone linen slacks to pair with those sweaters.

Shop confidently and ethically at Honest by for the fall.

All quotes from Bruno Pieters were excerpted from an interview with Kiera Kelly located on the Honest by website.



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