Fancy a snog?

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Have a snog, come on I dare you. These cute and yummy frozen yoghurts are organic and contain no added cane sugar. All dairy ingredients and their Agave nectar are organic. Agave nectar provides that natural sweetness in a snog. These cute treats are made in the UK with products from the UK so nothing is flown in from abroad. The delicious healthy toppings are different in each region or country you buy your snog.

Snog now also have Gift Cards. Each card contains five Snog Specials to be redeemed at any Snog Shop, now that is one cool gift.

Natural and Green Tea have 97 calories per 100g serving. Chocolate has 106 calories per 100g serving. Snog treats are gluten free and start from £2.85 and the price will depend on how many toppings you go for.


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