Saturday shopping at Broadway Market

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Broadway Market in London Fields, Hackney, has been welcoming shoppers since the 1890s for a whole range of products. There are 100 more stalls to welcome you and most stalls are open from 9am-5pm on Saturday.

There is a range of eco-friendly and organic produce from moisturiser to cakes. However, it is not just the stalls that offer these excellent products they can also be found in the shops that surround the market.

Holistic Health, 64, Broadway Market, is a unique complementary health clinic. Established in 1996, it has grown to include more than 40 practitioners who collectively offer a spectrum of individual treatments and classes catering for all ages. These treatments include a number of organic and eco-friendly remedies.

Organic Foods, Fresh Fruit and Veg, 25 Broadway Market, offer a range of delicious groceries and on market day you can buy a coconut and have a refreshing, organic coconut milk drink.


Fabrications, 7 Broadway Market, are an independent shop and creative hub. It is also designer Barley Massey’s studio.  Fabrications is a place for contemporary textile practise, eco design and sustainable thinking if you are looking for knitting and sewing supplies, craft classes.


The market itself offers a fantastic range of vintage clothing, organic culinary delights and eco-friendly crafts. It has a great atmosphere and is an excellent place to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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