Soups to keep warm with

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As the days are getting shorter and the air chillier, we want to share with you some delicious soup finds, for those cold months to come.

1. Look what we found! Richard Hyman’s Mushroom Soup with Wild Mushrooms and a dash of Sherry

Part of the growing rural revolution, Look what we found! source loving food from small regional British farmers to bring to you real homemade products. The hills around the ancient town Florress in the Scottish Highlands is where you can find some of Britain’s best wild mushrooms and Richard Hyman knows exactly what and when to pick.

It might not look as appealing as a cream of mushroom soup but this is how true mushroom soup should be. Packed with nicely flavoured big chunks of wild mushrooms and a dash of sherry, this will keep you warm during the coming months.

Free delivery when you spend over £40 online or buy Look what we found! products at Whole foods. Made with 100% natural and sustainable ingredients: suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, 87 calories per pack, 300 gram.

2. Suma Organic Carrot & Coriander soup

Suma is the UK’s largest independent whole food wholesaler, distributor, specialising in vegetarian, fairly traded, organic, ethical and natural products. Suma operates a thoroughly democratic system of management known as co-operative. That means that the business is jointly owned, managed and everyone chips in with all jobs at hand. Great soup made with the natural sweetness of carrot and a hint of coriander.

Made with natural ingredients, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Organic. By recycling this can, you are saving 75% of the energy needed to make steel from virgin materials 116 calories per can, 400 gram.

3. Look what we found! Alec Mercer’s Staffordshire Free Range Chicken & Sage Soup.

This rich chicken stock based soup is absolutely divine, specially when you have that winter-blues feeling. It doesn’t have chucky bits of chicken, it’s very subtle yet has this perfect sage flavouring. It almost seems like someone made a delicious roast dinner last night and kept the left over chicken to make this super chicken soup.

Free delivery when you spend over £40 online or buy Look what we found! products at Whole foods. Made with 100% natural and sustainable ingredients, gluten free, 189 calories per pack, 300 gram.


4. Amy’s Kitchen lentil vegetable soup

Amy’s Kitchen is a family run business and started before the term organic was well known, when daughter Amy, of owners Rachel and Andy Berliner, was born in 1987. All products from Amy’s Kitchen are handmade from the finest natural and organic ingredients prepared with a homemade care. Full of vegetables and natural flavours, this hearty soup, made of green beans, tomatoes and spinach is delicious.

All natural ingredients, suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, made in Britain, 260 calories per tin, 411 gram.


5. Kabuto Noodles & Soup – Miso Chicken Ramen

Although Kabuto Noodles is still a baby, born in 2011, already they are taking the instant noodle market by storm. With their samurai warrior concept, they bring a funny side to eastern flavoured noodle soup.

Come on. We’ve all been to that point where we just want a cup of noodle soup that is super easy peasy. Finding the perfect one is not easy but I think this one comes pretty close to perfection: an amazing amount of noodles, lemon, ginger and a little bit of spice flavoured chicken misso soup.

Contain absolutely no additives or preservatives, and are crafted with the dedication of a Samurai. 320 calories per pot, 100 gram £2.45.


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