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Beyond Retro is a fantastic find. I stumbled across the store on Stoke Newington road in Dalston this weekend and I was really impressed with the array of vintage clothing. The store is full to the brim with some excellent pieces. Unlike with many vintage stores you don’t have to hunt through tat to find a gem. The clothes are sections by furs, Christmas-style jumpers and sparkly knits so it’s easy to find what you are looking for. Also, the price of the clothing is brilliant. Often vintage can be overpriced but here you can find a real bargain.

The first Beyond Retro opened in a disused dairy in East London, where they quickly built up a reputation for being an innovative retailer with a rock ‘n’ roll heart.  Beyond Retro sells 20th-century fashion in all its outrageous and exotic glory. Led by instinctive fashion forecasting and staffed by creative individuals, the company continues to source original wares and kick-start trends.

The vibrant spirit of the original East London scene remains as part of the shopping experience in every Beyond Retro store. Since the stores humble beginnings in Brick Lane; it now has stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Soho, Brighton and Dalston! Beyond Retro’s popularity has grown so much that they now have their own online store.

Vintage is a great way to stay eco-friendly yet still buy products that are well made and of a fantastic quality. The Beyond Retro vintage products are bought directly or indirectly from charitable organisations. Beyond Retro seek to recycle used clothing and make it accessible and exciting to everyone through this exciting shopping experience. Beyond Retro’s vintage collection of has a range of garments, accessories and footwear.  This includes second hand fur and leather Beyond Retro believes all resources must be utilised in order to encourage and promote sustainability. The brand has a strict ‘No New Fur’ policy in place which means they have never and will never buy or sell brand new fur.

Beyond Retro go to great lengths to find fashion forward originals and never fail to filter a spectacular collection of vintage designs. Beyond Retro’s vintage heart celebrates bygone eras. Beyond Retro is the perfect place to find great products that can introduce a burst of vintage into your wardrobe.

Visit them online or visit one of their amazing stores. You won’t be disappointed!

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