Sacred Cafe: a bit of New Zealand in London

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Sacred is a small coffee chain with cosy venue’s in Kingly Court, Ganton Street (just off Carnaby Street), Highbury and Westfield shopping centre,

Tubbs Wanigasekera and Matthew Clark created the Sacred brand in 2005. It was their dream to introduce the New Zealand cafe experience to Londoners with a chain of stunning designer cafe locations. The cafe is called ‘Sacred’ because the entire cafe is adorned with various religious objects that are sacred to their cultures.

For example you will find Christian, Catholic and Jewish religious objects sitting next to represen- tations of Hindu gods. It looks a bit cluttered, but ultimately is quite pleasing and interesting to look at. The cafe also has a nice book sellection in case you’d like a good read with your coffee.

Roasting a mellow, organic fair-trade coffee that you’d typically find in New Zealand, it’s a bit too mellow for me and I asked for an extra espresso shot. But why not try something different than the typical Cappuccinos, Mochaccinos and Americanos and get a Flat White, a local speciality from back home which tops a long espresso with warm smooth milk.

Seeing the menu at a glance they have a sellection of organic coffee, iced coffee, organic scrambled eggs with feta, sandwiches, bagels, juice, fresh soups, salads and organic cakes. On our visit we enjoyed a silky smooth Flat White with a big piece of superb carrot cake. The carrot cake came accompanied by a dot of cream with some fresh fruit and a slive of orange. A bit much for a humble piece of cake but all in all very colourful.

Sacred’s kitchen at the Highbury Studio location provides delcious food with a unique New Zealand flavour: Savoury muffins, Lolly cake and special recipe Chocolate and Berry Brownie. The food gets delivered daily from the cafe in North London to all the Sacred cafe’s.

Sacred was voted as one of the top 5 cafes, 4 years running by Time Out London and singled out as the brand to watch by The Times.


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