Face This: the coolest T-shirts on the block

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Uber cool T-shirts designed by school kids in Indonesia that fund the school of those same kids – are you still with me? That is Face This in a nutshell. Dutch founders Jos and Jelka – boyfriend and girlfriend – came up with the idea for Face This when traveling in Indonesia, where Jos was adopted from when he was 2 months old. They came across a school (Jelka is a teacher in The Netherlands) that was in such a bad state, they decided to do something about it. The rest is history.

With the sale of the shirts, Face This renovates school buildings, provides the kids with school material and trains teachers in becoming even better teachers. Jos and Jelka are truly passionate about what they do, I have rarely met such radiant, energetic people.

The collection (for men, women and babies) is original and fun  – about every cool celebrity in The Netherlands has got at least one Face This T-shirt in his or her collection. Unfortunately they don’t ship around the world (yet), but if you contact them directly, you may just get lucky…

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