Delicious rice coconut or hazelnut all-natural drinks

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Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people turning to a plant-based diet, as more healthy eaters are starting to realise the positive benefits this can have, not just on their health, but on the planet too.

For instance, milk, yogurts, desserts and cream made from plants such as soya have a far lower impact than animal-based ones both in terms of the greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount of precious land and water used. A hectare of land growing food crop is able to feed three times as many people as one used for dairy production. Soya in particular is an ideal free-from alternative because not only is it incredibly versatile and great-tasting, but it’s good for you too. As well as being naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free, soya products are packed with essential fatty acids and high quality plant protein. Soya protein has been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol levels, with just 15-25g a day likely to make all the difference.

Provamel almondThe latest two additions to the Provamel range – a delicious Rice Coconut drink and indulgent Hazelnut drink don’t only taste great, but are dairy-free and 100% organic.

Provamel Rice Coconut drink is a light, refreshing drink made from ground coconuts mixed with rice drink and water. Blending the pure taste of coconut with the subtle sweetness of rice creates a delicious drink that tastes great served either hot or cold.

The new Hazelnut drink is made from ground hazelnuts mixed with water and has a rich taste and a creamy texture, this drink is equally delicious served hot or cold, and makes a perfect addition to a steaming bowl of porridge.

Provamel Rice Coconut drink and Almond drink (200ml) are now available from independent and multiple health food stores, priced at £1.99 and £0.79 respectively. The Hazelnut drink will be launched later on this year.

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