Heat up your pool with Camel Solar

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What better time to start planning building your own private heated pool than in these cold days before Christmas? After spending a weekend in an outdoor Spa pool (with 38 degrees water!), there is nothing more relaxing and soothing than that, in my humble opinion.

Flat plat collectors poolNow, design of the pool is personal; you may prefer an Olympic type of pool or a Playboy Mansion type of pool complete with snuggle grotto. Whatever rocks your boat. But we do all want our pool to be heated in an efficient and sustainable way, correct? Well, here’s my tip for you: visit Camel Solar to check out the amazing and stylish ways to heat your pool (and other places in your house for that matter) with solar technology. Camel Solar offers all sorts of panels and tubes to guarantee a stylish solution for your home, pool or garden.

Harnessing solar radiation will not only provide cost-effective, self-sufficient energy but will also significantly reduce CO2 emissions. And the good thing is, even in our mostly clouded country, you can get enough solar radiation to provide 50%- 60% domestic hot water requirements for a whole year. On the occasional sunny days, you can get up to 100%.


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