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There comes a point in your life where you wake up, look in the mirror and to your great horror discover that your face doesn’t ‘unwrinkle’ as well as it used to in the morning. After years of sleepless nights devoted to feeding babies and at the point where we finally feel some self confidence about our appearance, this is what we get. Life is cruel that way. But, no need to panic, a bit of wrinkling means you’ve been living your life, right? Besides, make-up can do wonders.

However, the more we can postpone this brutal confrontation with our aging selves, the better. This is why I am constantly on the lookout for skincare that can become my ally in this fight against time.

sential_age_maintainOne of the latest brands I tested extensively (no use in testing a week if you want to see results) is ARK. ARK’s mission is to “Enhance the Flow of Life Energy” and encourage people to develop their own natural beauty through balance and happiness in body, mind and spirit.

I tested the Age Aware Skincare range. Developed over 4 years of research, ARK Age Aware Skincare is the result of a collaboration with Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed, a Naturopathic doctor and leading expert in preventative health and nutrition from Canada.

ARK Age Aware Skincare introduces a revolutionary way to look at skin defined by your skin’s changing needs as you age rather than by skin type.  “Age appropriate” products are divided into 3 age-related categories: age prepare (Teens to early 30s), age maintain (Mid 30s to 50) and age repair (50s and beyond).

There is a lot of science behind it, put to keep it short and simple: ARK put together a powerful and unique combination of ingredients in each of the age-related ranges, designed to combat the environmental factors of aging skin: the causes and effects of free radical activity, inflammation, dehydration, breakdown of collagen, weakened immunity and loss of hormones by feeding the skin with essential nutrients and vitamins to help repair it and protect it from further damage.

I tested the Age Maintain Conditioning Cleanser and the Age Maintain Replenishing Moisturiser. Both in age range 30-50.

age_maintain_moisturiserTo start with the latter: let’s just get to the point, this is one great moisturiser! Containing Co-enzyme Q10, Shea Butter, Olive Oil and anti-ageing peptides, it promises to smooth out wrinkles and plump up the skin for a toned, supple appearance. Key natural ingredients are Vitamin A to help keep skin strong, plump and increase collagen production; Kiwi and Passion Fruit lipids packed with Omega 3 fatty acids to boost skin’s moisture; and Blue Lotus, the ‘sacred flower of anti-ageing’ and a powerful antioxidant to boosts firmness and elasticity. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Well, I used it for several weeks and I love it. The texture is nourishing without being too greasy. It smells so fresh and relaxing- it reminds me of a swiss spa, strange as that may sound. My skin responds very well to it. I can feel it is nourished, hydrated and it seems more plump. The bottle has a very clean and practical dispenser, to keep the product as fresh as possible. At £27.00, this is one amazing anti-wrinkle cream.


age_maintain_cleanserThe Cleanser is a winner too. Gentle enough for daily use, it helps with skin’s natural exfoliation for a clear, radiant complexion. It effectively removes make-up and excess sebum and the natural ingredients soothe redness and inflammation. Key natural ingredients also include Kiwi and Passion Fruit and Blue Lotus. Moringa Oil is rich in Vitamin A and C and gently removes make-up and grime while retaining essential moisture.

I love using this when I am in the shower. It has an easy pump system and works like a liquid soap. The great thing about this product is that this is the first washing liquid I have ever used (and I have used many) that does not leave my skin feeling dry. It has that same fresh scent of the moisturiser and feels really great on my skin. Very reasonable priced at £23.00, a keeper.


So, there you have it. I have fallen a bit in love with ARK. The products feel great, smell amazing and work. Moreover, the bottles look very stylish on my bathroom sink (a bit of a Chanel look there).

I think I will try some other ARK products as well…

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