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Brand-New-Dubble-Trubble-range-from-Galvin-Galvin-for-Kids_articlelargeDaniel Galvin jr., guru of organic, natural haircare and hairstylist to the stars, recently launched Dubble Trubble, a kids range of organic, botanical shampoo & body wash in delicious essences and a cucumber detangling spray. The sales of the products will help raise money for The Prince’s Trust. Sounds like a winner. Time to put the products to the test.

I, or actually my daughter, extensively tested the Cherry Bomb and Cool Cucumber Shampoo & Body Wash as well as the Cool Cucumber Detangling Conditioner Spray.


The Shampoo & Body Washes look cheerful and delicious. Really, they almost make you thirsty just by looking at them. They smell yummy, especially the Cherry Bomb, like candy – but not in an artificial way. And then the colour when you poor the Cherry Bomb in the bath (they work fine as a bath foam too) or on your hand: the freshest cherry pink.

Needless to say my daughter aka ‘pink-is-my-favourite-colour‘ was smitten. And I love it too, for the natural ingredients, for how fun this product is and how soft it leaves her skin – as if she had a luxurious oil in her bath.




detanglersThe Detangling Spray is an absolute hit as well. My daughter has unbelievably thick hair that tends to ‘knot’, so combing her hair is a constant fight – or that’s what it used to be.

This spray smells nice and fresh and really does the trick. I can feel it ‘feeds’ her hair, leaving it soft and shiny – and she loves using it.

My daughter and I are hooked on the entire range and at £2.99 (200ml) you really can’t go wrong. A keeper!

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