Bare Skin Beauty wonder serum

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radiance serumWhen the nights have been too short and winter has left your skin a bit dull, fear not ladies, for I have the thing for you: Bare Skin Beauty Radiance Restored Face Serum. This magic potion containing a number of powerful vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids will give you a renewed glow and firmer skin in a matter of days – and I speak from experience.

Bare Skin Beauty was founded by Juliette Scarf. Her inspiration comes mostly from what her uncle, who was an experienced nutritionist, taught her about the principles of nutrition, ethnobotany and herbalism for both internal and external health. Juliette understood from a young age how nutrition plays a vital role in the internal and external health of the skin. After law school, Juliette became a solicitor and researched the toxic ingredients used in commercial skincare and the detrimental effect it had on the skin. She was shocked by what she discovered and decided to make her own natural products in her kitchen. She noticed improvements in her skin and the rest is history.

Using only natural ingredients, Bare Skin Beauty delivers pure and natural products that draw on the principles of Herbalism, Phytotherapy and Ethnobotany. No wonder they refer to their products as ‘skinfood’.

Buy online or find them on Sunday on Greenwich market.

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