Exciting book teaches kids about saving the planet

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Diego-Zonnesteek-&-De-MagisWhen I came across this new book for children aged 8 and up, called Diego Sunstroke and the Magic Glasses, I immediately liked the concept: an exciting adventure about a boy named Diego Sunstroke who fights the dangers our planet is facing. Reading through the first chapters, I decided to share this -according to some- new Harry Potter with you. The book is actually a fun read for parents and kids alike, and teaches children in a fun way about the planet and the environment.

Diego Sunstroke can feel things are about to happen. He’s not very happy about his talent, he even hates his sensitivity. Diego’s country is being threatened by natural disasters. It keeps getting warmer and the big ice is melting, making families flee their home. One day, Diego finds magic glasses that make him see what people think. When he sees someone is trying to destroy his village, he decides it is time to take action. He realizes he needs his sensitivity to see the danger – whether he wants to or not. Together with the old inventor Amita and his special friends Balthazar and Kala, Diego embarks on an adventure that will change his life forever… This is the first book of a series.

A must read! The book -for now- is only published in Dutch, unfortunately. We will definitely keep you informed of upcoming translations. Diego Sunstroke, remember that name! For those who read Dutch, you can buy the book on bol.com.


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