Tried and tested: DIY Facial and easy tanning

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Our friends at Über have two other wonderful products we’ve tried and tested for you: Tanning Mousse and Facial Massage Oil.

Facial_Massage_Oil3-mTo start with the Facial Massage Oil: I am not sure whether the first reaction was ‘wow’ or ‘mmmmm’, or a combination of both. This oil has such a wonderful scent, so fresh and relaxing that even if it had no function other than that, it would be worth every penny. However, it does have a function. It has a soothing, purifying and rejuvenating effect on your skin – and that makes it worth it’s weight in gold.

It is easy to apply and gives you the sensation of a mini facial – every night. The Natural active ingredients such as Frankincense, Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil, Olive oil, Rosehip oil, Almond oil, soothing Mandarin and purifying oriental sea kelp deeply nourish your skin. And you get all that for £15.50. I am hooked!



Tanning_Mousse3-mThe Tanning Mousse is another successful Über product. The great thing about this product is that it is a mousse, which makes it so much easier to apply evenly. They managed to minimize that typical tanning smell, although you can still spot it. Nevertheless, you get a very natural result with this tanning mousse as it works with the natural skin proteins to take your skin colour two shades darker than the natural tone. And what’s more, thanks to the natural active ingredients such as sea kelp and cotton flower, the mousse will rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin while giving it a natural glow.   Price: £20.00

Both products can be purchased through the Über webshop.

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