Lease a pair of jeans

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Mud jeans blackNow this is one fantastic initiative that rocks our closet! Dutch fashion label Mud Jeans started in 2008, making sustainable products based on biological resources and fair trade. Their lease a jeans initiative is particularly causing us to fall in love with them instantly. It enables you to lease a pair of mud jeans, made entirely from biological cotton, for a year. Mud Jeans remains the owner, but this also means you get maintenance if anything happens to your fave pair of jeans. After one year of use you return your used jeans and sign up for a new lease, meaning a new pair of Mud Jeans!

The reason Mud Jeans started this initiative is because they believe the future lies in circular economy. Well they definitely got us on board!

Unfortunately, for now they only have one model and it’s only available in Holland. But we’re quite sure they might take over your closet mighty soon in the near future. And if you can’t wait that long, buy a pair in their webshop.


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