How to Feel Happier – 5 Unconventional Ideas That Make a Massive Difference

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Sometimes feeling happier is easier than you think. But what is difficult is knowing where to invest your energy so that your happiness blossoms and becomes sustainable. Here are five easy, practical ideas that anyone can implement to take steps towards a more positive state of mind.

happy article1. Find Your Passion

Without a passion for what you do in life it’ll be impossible to feel your life has meaning. Meaning is what gives us purpose and purpose inspires happiness. Many people however have no clue what their passion is, what they love or how to find it. One simple technique is to imagine you are 100 years old and you are about die. Before you are about die your great great grandchild asks, “Please, give me advice, what should I do with my life?”. If you take a moment to honestly answer this question without thinking too much you will be amazed at what your heart throws forth. Go on, take a minute, and do it now….

2. Build Your Self Confidence

Self confidence is a personality trait essential to develop for real, lasting happiness. Many people feel that self confidence eludes them. This is because most people base their happiness on how things work out. For example, if someone applies for a job and then doesn’t get it, it is common that people feel bad about themselves and their self confidence falls. But if you base your self confidence on doing your best your self confidence is likely to remain high. Then even if you don’t get the job, or the girlfriend or whatever it is that you set out to achieve, if you in your heart believe you did your best your self confidence will always remain high. But what if you didn’t do your best? Well the truth is that you would have to be completely passive to achieve that. Taking any action at all, as long as there is no malicious attempt, is you doing your best in every situation. Start feeling great about yourself!

3. Become Healthy

A lot of people don’t think healthy is sexy. Healthy is often equated to boring! It’s a stereotype I’m passionate about changing. The truth is that healthy is beautiful, inside and out. More energy, a bright mind and body that feels great to live in. Plus there is a huge sense of accomplishment that comes with looking after yourself. Remember that in life, everything has a price. EVERYTHING! So if you want to look and feel good then the cost is being strong and eating food that won’t damage your health.

4. Take Time to Rest

The thing we neglect nine times out of ten is ourselves. The old saying is, “People will do more for other people than they ever will for themselves.” This often leads to people doing more than they can manage, always trying to please other people. What we often don’t do is give ourselves enough time to rest and recuperate. This causes stress to build up and become unmanageable. Life without enough rest is possible in the short term, but over a long period of time it completely eradicates any chance of being happy. Rest, recuperate and start feeling really good.

5. Limit Media Exposure

Although it is important to stay abreast of the latest news, the problem with the media these days is that it an unbalanced view of what is going on in the world. Media won’t sell the way it does if it also reported on the good that people are up to in the world. So it’s not surprising that the news is as depressing as it is. Limiting media exposure will make a massive difference to your state of mind. It will also leave more mental space and time to fill with ideas, creativity and contemplation. You’ll be amazed at how much your happiness increases when you stop waking up to the radio and going to sleep with the TV.  

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