A stylish and comfortable loo is a joy forever

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Going to the loo, answering the call of nature, taking a bio-break, visiting the outhouse…whatever you call it, we all do it but we don’t like talking about it. But let’s cut the crap and address the turd in the room.

Once or several times a day, we use a toilet. To most people the quality of the actual thing is very important to be able to ‘perform’ and so are the surroundings. We like the little room to be pleasantly warm and smelling fresh, and we like to read (it helps the transit so to speak). Women like nice miniature perfumes and hand lotion; men don’t particularly appreciate sanitary napkins in a basket in plain sight. To cover up our natural needs, we prefer a loo as soundproof as possible and some air freshener – but not those that automatically spray when you open the door (they always spray too soon, leaving you as if sprayed by a febreze skunk to rejoin your friends, guaranteeing everyone present knows exactly you opted for a Number 2).

toiletNow that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk design. A toilet is an important part of your interior, like it or not, so it’s design and functionality is as relevant as your choice of sofa or stove. Here is my tip for you: the TOTO Drake II 1G toilet. With the patented TOTO Double Cyclone technology, it uses a mere 1 gallon per flush, making it extremely efficient. The toilet is coated with Sanagloss, keeping it shiny and clean for longer. When protected by SanaGloss, the water that cleanses the bowl and rim during the flush also removes stains, residue, scaling, and lime buildup. Invisible organisms, including bacteria and molds, also are eliminated. When cleaning the bowl, you will need fewer harsh detergents, which are expensive and harmful to the environment. The design is simple and straight-forward and will fit any bathroom.

Check out TOTO’s website and while you’re at it, they have some very nice eco faucets and baths too.


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