The coolest sunglasses in town

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pappbrilleAbout two years ago in Berlin – and a bit beyond – hipster club scene, cardboard glasses without lenses were a sudden big hit. Romanian-German graphic designer Cantemir Gheorghiu came up with the idea to make fun glasses out of recycled cardboard. The PAPPBRILLE  (derived from the German word for cardboard glasses) started as a bit of a joke, making fun of the in-fashion semi-intellectual 60′-70′ frames, but soon became the coolest of the coolest. By now, the PAPPBRILLE is sold through selected stores around the world, along with cardboard bow-ties, ties and handbags.

papp uvRecently, Cantemir launched a new version of the PAPPBRILLE: the PAPP UV, cardboard sunglasses with an actual UV 400 polarization filter. The glasses are coated with a hypoallergenic and water repellent lacquer. Made from an organic combination of wood and cardboard, the PAPP UV frame is created from a single unit of material, making it lightweight, easily adjustable and extremely resilient.

So gents, if you want to be really cool this summer, get yourself a pair of PAPP UV’s – and a pair of PAPPBRILLE too, because they simply rock.

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