Mother Earth: healthy, tasty, local, good

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albion_shopRetail formula Mother Earth refer to themselves as a ‘vibrant, vigorously independent, happily healthy and ethical shop’. The shop opened in North London 20 years ago and they have been going strong ever since.

They have three fantastic little shops selling everything healthy, whole, organic, natural, local or fair trade, all within about half a mile of each other in North Islington & Stoke Newington.

Their café located at the Newington Green shop serves savouries and cakes. The kitchen makes fantastic food for all the shops and also for a number of local businesses, specialising in simple, healthy, wholesome savoury foods and outstanding raw food treats. These culinary delights are made almost entirely with ingredients sourced from the same organic suppliers used for the shops.

newington_shopMother Earth pride themselves on their shopping experience as well as their great products. Enter any one of their shops and discover an excellent service and a finely tuned range selected for quality and ethics. They stock everything from organic apples to cutting edge nutritional supplements via fantastic body care and household products.

You can find out more online  or pop along to one of their shops. allmygoodness recommended!

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