Delicious food and amazing ambiance at Street Feast London

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Street Feast is a fantastic find. The night market which is located in Haggerston, London, has a myriad of delicious food stalls offering dishes from all over the globe. The market venue is the Merchant Yard on Kingsland Road.

Street Feast LondonMerchant Yard has a specialist indoor cocktail bar with bookable tables, an outdoor main bar and lounge, and a raised dining terrace overlooking the yard. The outdoor gazebo, which sits amongst the excitable street food crowd, allows you to kick back and enjoy the atmosphere. It has the feel of a relaxed barbecue and the buzz of a hipster bar.

The market is an annual sensation. It runs every Friday from April until June and is the perfect way to enjoy tasty and healthy dishes with friends.

The Pop Up Barbados stall provides tasty and hearty seafood dishes. The food is seasoned and dressed with high quality organic vegetables. A popular dish is Pumpkin & Fennel Risotto with Octopus Pieces.

Street Feast London stallAnother favourite for allmygoodness was the French and Grace stall which offers char grilled halloumi wraps brimming with organic carrot and beetroot slaw, tahini, lemon dressing, harissa, fresh mint and pomegranate seeds.

If you’re looking for refreshment after this Joe’s Teas & Co offer a great variety of hearty brews. The range includes familiar classics with a modern twist like Earl of Grey and Ever-so-English Breakfast. For the health bunnies like allmygoodness they have a detox friendly Whiter-than-White tea and for those looking for a sweet fix without the guilt, there is a Chocca-Roo-Brew.  All the tea is loose leaf tea served in biodegradable good-to-go fuso bags, all organic and fuss free.

Street Feast is well worth a visit and with the weather starting to look better the market’s popularity is destined to grow.

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