Medcalf restaurant at Exmouth Market: for those warm summer nights

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Exmouth market, London is a wonderful place to socialise and meet with friends as the nights grow warmer. By day there is an actual market but by evening the tables and chairs are placed out into the street and the people working nearby begin to arrive. The market is a hidden gem in Farringdon with a feel of an Italian piazza; people enjoying good food and drink in the cobbled street.

exmouth-marketThere are various places to enjoy. However, allmygoodness’s choice of restaurant is Medcalf; an award winning independent bar and restaurant situated in a converted turn of the century butchers shop.  Albert Medcalf opened his butchers shop in 1912 and became renowned for his top quality Angus beef, pike, wild salmon and game alongside the usual meats and poultry. It is this tradition of high quality seasonal produce that Medcalf maintains in its contemporary setting today.

The restaurant has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The oak tables are adorned with candles and the wooden bar is reminiscent of the old butchers whilst at the same time giving a nod to a Spanish style charcuterie shop, with its display of deli produce on the bar.

breadThe simple and inspired cooking at Medcalf showcases the very best produce from throughout Britain and takes advantage of high quality fresh, often organic, seasonal ingredients. The menu changes daily and has a distinctly British theme. allmygoodness thoroughly recommend the organic grilled Wye Valley asparagus served with bacon & lemon butter. Also, try the succulent wood pigeon breast with red chicory, grain mustard dressing. The high quality food is also great value for money. Between 7pm and 10pm you can order two small plates for £10.

MedcalfOnce people have finished their meals, they trickle out to the seats outside and enjoy the feel of Exmouth Market; the Latin music which plays in Cafe Kick across the road and the people enjoying a drink after a long day of work.

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