Pure Spirit: Ulpotha Eco-retreat in Sri Lanka

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There are places on earth where you feel a deep harmony and richness in life. Richness not in lavish artificial constructs, but endless symphonies of birdsong, a sweet taste on your lips and the earth under your feet. If you would like to be stripped down to the core and reminded of what it feels like to live as a natural being, then Ulpotha could be the place to visit.

resortOften called one of the top yoga retreats in the world, this sanctuary nestled in the jungles of Sri Lanka attracts diverse groups of nature loving folk. Some go to practice yoga with renowned teachers , others indulge in the gentle ayurvedic therapies from which the proceeds provide a free clinic for the villagers. Ulpotha never tried hard to be a responsible travel destination, but it embodies this concept by honouring both the land on which it is built and the local people whose hands and hearts take care of the international visitors. Run as a village cooperative, Ulpotha strikes a beautiful balance between heritage and hospitality, and its authenticity extends to the wondrous grounds which have been preserved without electric cables.

foodThe opportunity for an electromagnetic detox is priceless. Travellers slip into a serene cycle of night and day, showering in cool water under the sky, swimming in the lake surrounded by hills and meditating with breathtaking views. The food could be the best part of all- king coconut water flows abundantly in a vegetarian paradise with fresh organic cuisine and delectable snacks throughout the day. Being at Ulpotha is an experience of sensory delight where simplicity meets elegance.


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