Stress-free diner parties in your own home

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One of my greatest pleasures in life is fine wining & dining. I love my regular romantic dinners in nice restaurants with James, but those endless nights of talking and dining with close friends in our own home is something that feeds both our mind and soul – and at the same time keeps our feet on the ground.

stk310210rknNow as you may know, cooking is not my strong suit and being a nice host, serving a good diner and have some real conversations at the same time can be quite the challenge. Luckily I discovered a partner in (culinary) crime: PretAChef, a new private dining service in London. Through their website you pick the type of food (also gluten free, vegetarian, vegan etc. available) and choose a chef. They do the shopping, the cooking, serving and cleaning of the kitchen. No more stress, no more mess. Prices start at GBP 20 per person. PretAChef also offers cooking classes or cooking for events. The possibilities are endless.

shrimpNext diner with friends…sushi and sake night, Italian dolce vita, African delights, molecular cuisine or a Mediterranean French Michelin star chef? Mm, I think this service presents another challenge…

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