Kiss and Tell: a silk (dress) story

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The best things come from passion – and fashion brand KISS AND TELL is one perfect example of exactly that.

Kiss-Tell9-721x1024During a visit to India, Dutch Bahareh Panjeh Shahi fell in love with the country, its people, but most of all its silk. Bahareh met several silk weavers, learned their stories and entered a world that dazzled and inspired her. Not long after her trip, she decided to quit her job as a lawyer and follow her dream: to make a difference in the fashion industry; luxurious fashion with care for people and planet. KISS AND TELL was born.

Kiss-Tell12-wider-721x1024KISS AND TELL promotes traditional silk farming. By using different kinds of hand- woven silk from North-East India they help to keep the traditional silk farming alive.Together with local NGO’s, KISS AND TELL creates fair jobs for weavers and farmers and provides a living for many Indian families.

Kiss-Tell13-wider-721x1024The brand entered the market hardly a year ago and is growing extremely fast. No wonder, if you consider the stylish, classy-with-a-modern-twist designs in the most beautiful silks. Just look at the dresses and the clever scarf/collar that makes the simplest of Tees a true fashion statement.

Kiss-Tell14-721x1024Unfortunately for now KISS AND TELL is only available in The Netherlands but we will keep you posted on when the next KISS AND TELL salon hits London (heck, we might even organize one ourselves).

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