A Carmin handbag is a handbag for life

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In these days where not even the most expensive designer bag offers any exclusivity, more and more people are after that one original piece of high quality that can give some sense of personal style. Having somewhat of a handbag fetish myself, I am simply obliged to share with you my latest find in luxury handbags: Carmin luxury handbags. A perfect example of slow fashion.

Carmin 3 coloursCarmin handbags have been spotted on some women well-known for their sense of style and they always seemed a bit reluctant to share the name of the brand. However, being up for a challenge as ever Рand naturally driven by my aforementioned fetish РI went after this mystery handbag and even met the designer: a lovely French lady living in London. She explained to me how she wanted to create a truly exclusive handbag for women who care about personal style, exclusivity, quality and true craftsmanship.

She created a timeless model with a by craftsmen stitched trademarked quilted design made from the finest leather. Already she has a waiting list with orders. In a few weeks, Carmin will (silently) launch its hobo bag. I have seen some pictures, it will be a winner too.

Carmin is a brand for those in the know. And once you own a Carmin bag, you have it for life!


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