Don’t just run, run for a good cause

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1103-woman-runningThis Saturday, allmygoodness are participating in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life 10K at Finsbury park, London. The training has been intense but worth it and along the way we raised money which will go towards research which aims to find the cure for cancer.

Our allmygoodness team have been training for several months now. We get up every morning at 6am and go for a 5k run. Running is one of the best cardio exercises you can do and it can be fun. Initially, it was hard to pull ourselves out of bed and run with eyes still half shut and in often cold, wet and rainy weather. However, once we got into a routine, running started to get exciting. Endorphins kicked in and we got a buzz from exercising. Obviously, you can run when it is best for you but it is an excellent pastime to take up and what’s more: it is free!

Why not challenge yourself to run for an event? Or give yourself a goal? allmygoodness chose Cancer Research UK because we really believe in their pioneering work.

runningCancer Research UK has contributed to some of the world’s most effective cancer treatment including Tamoxifen and herceptin which have saved the lives of thousands of women with breast cancer. They also pioneered the use of radiotherapy to treat cancer, leading to a dramatic increase in the number of patients whose cancer could be cured.  Cancer Research were instrumental in bringing in smokefree law in England, which has helped more smokers to quit than ever before and will help prevent an estimated 40,000 deaths by 2018.

They hold various events throughout the year such as Shine and (for men in particular) The Bobby Moore Fund.  However, there are thousands of other charities that you can participate in sports events for. Why not run for Oxfam and help those who live in poverty? Or perhaps you want to run for a children’s charity like NSPCC or The Rainbow Trust ?

Running is an excellent thing to do to keep yourself healthy and incorporate into “the goodness life” but if you can then use your skills to improve the goodness in other people’s lives, it makes it even more worth it.


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