Review: Moroccan Natural beauty products

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Moroccan naturalWhat a pleasure it is to review Moroccan Natural products! I tested the Soothe and Smooth Eyes Prickly Pear Seed Oil roller and the Argan Rose Serum. However, before I share my experience let me tell you about Moroccan Natural. They are a true green and natural company, sourcing their raw materials from the best producers in the market. Over 98% of their oils are either Ecocert or Soil Association certified. All Moroccan Natural products are organic and/or natural. With all the counterfeit Argan Oil in the market at the moment, you can rest assured that Moroccan Natural only uses real Argan Oil from the Berber women on the West coast of Morocco, where Argan trees grow, extracted according to ancient methods. Moroccan Natural offers skin, body and haircare products – and a few culinary oils.

soothe_and_smooth_eyes_10mlSoothe and Smooth Eyes Prickly Pear Seed Oil

What the product description says: “Soothe And Smooth Eyes has been specially formulated to remedy everyday cosmetic eye conditions. It utilises the wonderful anti-aging properties of Argan Oil, the calming and mildly astringent qualities of Cucumber Seed Oil and and the moisturising and revitalising nature of Prickly Pear Seed Oil and is also said to help to erase dark circles. This product targets lines, puffiness and dark circles.” £16

What I experienced: the roller is very practical and makes applying easy and pleasant, like a light massage. The oil feels soothing and nourishing and somehow it feels refreshing. I can see it benefits my eye area but I would have to use it longer to see big results. I love the idea that it is all natural. I will keep on using it till the last drop!


argan_rose_serum_30mlArgan Rose Serum

What the product description says: “A luxurious blend of oils, designed to offer the benefits of Argan Oil, Rose Geranium with the renowned properties of Rose Oil. Intended to nourish and replenish the skin, this combination helps battle the damage done by the environmental pollution, sun damage, wind and toxins. This serum also helps the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen elasticity and protect against stretch marks. Especially for dry, fragile skin that needs a heavier nourishment than the pure Argan Oil that is finer.” £19.50

What I experienced: I love the indulging scent of this serum. It has a lovely texture that is oily without being too greasy or making you all shiny. After the first application you see immediate result: smooth, glowing and well-nourished skin. It’s a little miracle worker you can use for several skin ‘issues’, from dry patches to scars.


All in all the products are clearly of good quality and at a very reasonable price. Makes you wonder why anyone in his right mind would still buy synthetic beauty products.


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