After Noah – restored antiques at their best

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prod_thu_19653There goes the old saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and this is certainly true within the Antique business. Often antiques can be extortionate. However, an ethical and less expensive way to purchase antiques is by visiting restored antique stores.

After Noah in Islington is a beautiful, little store with a large amount to offer. The owner Matthew Crawford realised the potential for this business and also the greatness of recycling high quality furniture. Matthews’s grandfather, Robert Keyes founded an antique furniture restoration business in the East End of London in the late 1930s and then went to war for 6 years, restarting where he left off on his return.  Matthew took over the business after apprenticing with him in the early 1980s and set up a workshop in Islington, near their current site.  Matthew met his wife and partner, Zoë Candlin, a textile designer in 1981 and it was always obvious that they would collaborate on a project such as this from early in their relationship.

Matthew and Zoe set up After Noah together and first opened their doors in 1990 in a little shop on Upper Street, Islington hoping to break the mould of stuffy antique shops where you were too embarrassed to ask the price.

prod_thu_13402Why “After Noah” is?  It’s their dateline. Most antique shops tended to specialise in a particular period, such as pre-Victorian, early Georgian, etc; they sell anything after Noah – no special period, just things they personally like. They combined old and vintage furniture with well produced contemporary design, on the basis that most people lived with a jumbled mixture of old, inherited and newly purchased items and not the museum lifestyle that antique shops tended to suggest.

The shop carries a wide range of products – large comfy leather sofas, antique French wrought iron bedsteads as well as contemporary counterparts, handmade English & French kitchen tables, restored telephones, vintage children’s furniture and toys, jewellery, linens, salvaged industrial lamps, modern Italian lamps, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, gifts and much more, brought together from the most diverse sources imaginable – working with new designers, scouring antique fairs across the country and frequent trips to continental Europe and America.

If you are looking for something unusual and interesting then After Noah is the shop for you. Brilliantly priced and excellently ethical.



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