Organic goodness in Madrid – Mercado de San Miguel

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cosa-vedere-a-madrid2This weekend allmygoodness visited the glorious Spanish capital city of Madrid. Spain is well known for their culinary superiority and we visited one of their most well known markets to find out why.

The Mercado de San Miguel is historic and monumental. Located in the heart of old Madrid, it is an area with one of the greatest personalities in the city and the best commercial and cultural features. The market brings together the best merchants, professionals, experts and enthusiasts in their respective specialties.

For residents, the market justifies the trip to the beautiful centre of Madrid and for tourists the market is an introduction to organic, fresh, high quality Spanish food. The Mercado de San Miguel aims to be a centre of culinary culture, where the shopper forms the product, and where they have active presence in all the major events and developments of the food. The market is a place where the merchants can offer customers information and advice on how to prep and eat their purchases. A place where, in addition to the daily purchase, you can participate in activities, enjoy what you are going to take home or simply walk or sit and eat something whilst you are there.


The San Miguel market is the only market in iron that has survived to this day, after missing the formidable examples of Barley and The Mostenses. It is considered of cultural interest in the Monument category. Located in the Plaza de San Miguel with facades to the Plaza del Conde de Miranda and Cava de San Miguel. Its construction, under the direction of Alfonso Díez Dubí and was completed in 1916.  A roof was later added to the market which may have contributed to its long last.

The market is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. allmygoodness tried fresh baby eels seasoned with organic onions and garlic whilst sipping an organic vino blanco. We then moved on to try organic fruit juice which was made fresh in front of us. The atmosphere of the market adds to the experience. The local merchants are more than happy to guide you about what you should try. The merchants are used to tourists so can speak an array of languages but they also appreciate it when you converse in Espanol so keep your phrase book to hand for the chance of some extra bargains.


The fact that you can sit at a market stall and enjoy the food or have a drink in your own time truly reflects the relaxed Spanish culture, unlike an English market where you are shuffled along to the next stall. The market feels like a cross between a normal walking market and a collection of mini restaurants or cafes. It is also open until evening and often has live music and entertainment which you can enjoy whilst you walk or as you sit at the bar of your favourite stall. allmygoodness fully recommend this market for high excellent food and a relaxed connoisseur experience.

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