‘Plant to Plate’ – Edible Flower Centre Pieces

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One of the most endearing and enduring motifs in the decorating world is flowers. They are seen as an essential table decoration at any restaurant, dinner party or a wedding but can have very little relevance to the actual dining experience.

flowers2That’s why we love ‘Lettuce Flowers’ fresh, ‘table turning’ approach on flower displays. Using seasonal culinary herbs, salads and edible flowers, ‘Lettuce Flowers’ creates potted centre pieces, small and large – beautiful, fragrant, colourful – but most importantly edible!

flowersEach pot is individually created using seasonal plants that can be used as garnishes for the food on the table! And diners are positively encouraged to pick and nibble, giving a new meaning to ‘plant to plate’.

These lovely arrangements also come with recipe suggestions on how to use the display plant ingredients and even instructions on how to plant them in your own garden!

Visit their website if you want to order your very own ‘Lettuce Flowers’ pot.


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