Out of the box: how packaging becomes a great gift

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Choosing the right pushchair  is a serious affair. Not only does it have to be a safe, comfortable object, preferably it also adds to your (be it self-imagined) stylish image.  Joolz is one of those brands that designs stylish, rather cool high quality pushchairs. The Dutch brand sold in more than 20 countries worldwide and designs the only ergonomic pushchair available on the market, designed around the human body, that of the parent and of the child. In the UK it is available in several stores such as Peppermint, TwistKids and their online retail website.

joolzApart from the great design, there is another reason to love Joolz: they have just launched a very interesting new initiative called the Positive Design Strategy; a strategy applied not only to its products but also to its packaging by coming up with the innovative idea of reusable packaging. They decided to turn the humble cardboard box into something magical. The cardboard boxes Joolz products are delivered in can be transformed into beautiful things like a chair or a bird house, giving used packaging a second life.

joolz_960x540px_re-usable smallEvery box – from the pushchair itself, as well as every accessory – can be transformed (DIY) into a practical and beautiful product for children to play with or for decoration in children’s rooms. The packaging received brilliantly positive feedback from its customers, and spurred Joolz on to create more. Joolz have also engaged with their customers by asking them to send over any positive design ideas to , the best will of course be produced.

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