Lucy Annabella Organics – Luxury Beauty Products with Conscious

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Luxury is a concept that is rarely associated with eco beauty brands, however slowly organic beauty is moving into the mainstream, keeping a standard of quality, a mark of authenticity, and all the while retaining its eco-friendly ethos.

We recently had a chance to try some truly luxurious organic goodness from Lucy Annabella Organics.   The range consists of antioxidant aromatic body moisturisers, organic treatment oils, organic bath milks and aromatic candles in unique combinations of organic essential oils with aromas which take relaxation to an almost spiritual level. The scents are all beautifully considered and all products come beautifully packaged, making them absolutely ideal for gifts.

1Many personal care products sold in retail stores contain harsh chemicals that can be hard on the skin. Nature really does offer some of the most beneficial, gorgeous things to use on our skins – oils, butters, essences, herbs, fruit and leaf extracts – and Lucy Annabella Organics makes the most of them. Their products are inspired by nature and supported by science and they are the only Irish beauty product certified by the Soil Association.

If you are looking for a luxury skin care company that delivers top quality products, that keep your skin healthy and glowing, have a look at Lucy Annabella Organics product range.

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