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Oakville-hair-studio-colours-371x194I have dyed my hair every colour under the sun; from peroxide blonde and cherry red to raven black. As a consequence, I have tried every form of hair extension; weave, micro rings and glue. So, it is pretty fair to say that my hair is not in the best of conditions.

I often wonder why I ever cut, styled or dyed my once long, blonde, hair but I guess that hair dye is the easiest and safest way to experiment with your image. Unlike, a tattoo or a piercing, hair can always, although it may take time, be changed.

For four months now, I have ditched the hair extensions, attended the salon regularly and used Moroccan argan oil such as Miaflora on my hair. Unlike the 90s obsession with split ends and straightening, when you go the hairdressers, they focus on your roots and volume. Split ends are not the be all and end all; you should focus on improving your hair from the root down. That way, when new hair grows it will be vitamin rich and healthy. I also invested in Hair Food tablets from my local health store. However, due to the disgusting taste, I found these a step too far.

Despite, all my positive actions towards improving my hair, it still seemed in bad condition. Then I realised that the main issue was the dye. As any hairdresser will tell you, dying the hair dark is less harmful than making it light. This is because you are coating the hair rather than stripping the colour out. Darker dyes are also less likely to have as many chemicals in them. Therefore, I decided to go dark.

resizeimageDon’t be fooled though, dark hair dyes can be just as harmful. After lots of salon traipsing and research, I discovered the Naturtint range. Naturtint is a permanent hair colourant with active vegetable ingredients. Naturtint hair colour products are manufactured to the very highest international standards and they use eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging. They are also suitable for vegans and against animal testing. They provide a wide range of colours. Although, I would always recommend that blonde should only be done in a salon, Naturtint appears a safe option.

My hair began to feel softer and thicker with the use of an organic hair dye. However, my biggest revelation was yet to come. On a recent visit to Madrid, I was amazed by how much my friend’s hair had grown and thickened. Due to the heat, she told me she had abandoned her strengtheners and not looked back and so this is what I did.

Since using Naturtint in conjunction with argan oil and less straightening, I can definitely see a difference in the condition of my hair. However, once I’ve grown it long and brunette, I can’t guarantee I won’t return to blonde; but such is the joy that is hair dye.

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