Intermittent fasting – the result

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For the past month I have been trialling the intermittent fast (5:2) diet. Surprisingly, the 500 calorie days were not as difficult as I expected. The difficulty was eating a normal calorie intake the next day, not gorging on food or drink, because I had ‘earned it’.

Usually, I enjoy exercise but on this diet I found it extremely difficult. Going for a run on a 500 calorie day resulted in me feeling faint. My housemate was particularly confused to find me lying on the front lawn to catch my breath after a run. Exercising on non-fast days was equally challenging. The erratic nature of the diet left me feeling bloated and sick.

Another side effect was the fatigue. I felt constantly exhausted. The lack of energy meant that I was less productive than normal. Going out with friends on these 500 calorie days and trying to be sociable as normal was near enough impossible. I think that when a diet affects your mood and energy levels, it is time to change strategy but, due to the allmygoodness trial, I ploughed on.

I managed to lose half a stone in four weeks. However, my weight can fluctuate easily so I’m not sure whether this weight loss was due to the 5:2. I was surprised how much food 500 calories amounted to and I created a Pinterest board to illustrate this. Even though it exceeded my expectations, it still wasn’t enough.

After trying Slim Fast milkshakes, the Special K diet, Slimming World and the 5:2, I have come to the conclusion that diets aren’t for me. It is understandable, every so often you may want to detox but I think that prescribed diets can only be obsessive and harmful. I have a naturally curvy physique and I maybe it’s time I embrace it. After all, no matter how much you lose and gain, you essentially stay the same shape. So, whether you’re hourglass, apple shaped or athletic – the grass is always greener.

As much as I loathe admitting it, the best way to keep trim, is to exercise regularly and eat healthily, having treat foods in moderation. The 5:2 diet was a good project because it has made me more aware of calories and salt and sugar intakes. Despite that, it looks like I’m joining the gym again on Monday and, to be honest, I’m looking forward to it.

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