What are the benefits of a Gluten Free Diet?

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For those who don’t know Gluten is the spongy complex of proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye that allows dough to rise. As yeast ferments sugar and releases carbon dioxide, gluten inflates like a hot air balloon, giving breads and cakes their delectable texture.

Most people who go gluten free have a serious digestive disorder known as Celiac Disease. They remove gluten from their diets under a doctor’s orders. However, a lot of consumers are also embracing gluten free diet for different reasons.

Weight Loss: Choosing to kick gluten to the curb could actually help you lose weight. Going gluten-free can rid a ton of processed foods from your diet like bagels, cookies and cereal. It is also in many foods that you may not expect, like salad dressings, yogurt and cold cuts. By eliminating your intake of these products, the calories and fat that you are cutting from your diet can help you to shed the pounds.

Digestion: One of the most common and quickest improvements that are noticed when switching to a gluten-free diet is the change in digestion. Many people notice they are having less indigestion and better bowel movements after a week of no gluten.

Inflammation: Another side effect found in people who remove gluten from their diets is the lack of bloating and cramps. If you notice you have constant bloating, cramps and stomach aches, trying a gluten-free diet may help alleviate some of these symptoms

Energy Levels: If you are sensitive to gluten, it’s likely you are not digesting and absorbing vitamins and minerals as well as you could be. This slight malnutrition can cause a drop in energy levels and leave you feeling fatigued. Many people with gluten intolerance report a feeling of overall weakness and tiredness. Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee, try eliminating gluten to improve energy levels

Here are some of our favourite gluten free products which you might want to give a go:


Orgran’s Buckwheat Pancake Mix is a naturally wheat free and gluten free treat to enjoy any time of the year.  This award winning, wholesome product contains no added cane sugar and makes delicious and nutritious pancakes the whole family will enjoy. At £2.95 per pack and available from Ocado, Amazon or most good independent health food stores.


Orgran’s Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce is a naturally wheat free and the only gluten free canned spaghetti on the market, making it the ideal snack to enjoy any time you feel peckish whether you want a ‘free from’ product or not.  This nutritious product is made from a superior blend of rice and protein rich yellow split peas with a tasty, appetizing tomato sauce, and is something anyone in the family can enjoy as part of a nutritionally diverse, healthy diet.  At £1.29 per tin and available from Sainsbury’s, (Morrisons in October), Amazon or most good independent health food stores.

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