Desert boots you will never want to take off again

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When it comes to shoes, our main focus is how they look, or more specifically how they make us look. Do they have the right mix of casual-chic, with that tiny bit of originality without looking like you’re trying to hard. But what we often forget is to make sure they feel right. Somehow ‘comfortable shoes’ sound like the ones your granny would wear. But did you know that on an average day, your shoes will have to absorb the force of your weight 3000+ times? And apparently you walk about 115,000 miles in your life. Got you thinking yet?

Well, men of style and comfort, let me tell you about this shoe brand I discovered that makes comfortable cool again. Anatomic Shoes offer beautiful high quality, super comfortable, hand-made shoes up to size 50.

shoe scheduleWhat’s even better, Anatomic Shoes recently launched the Jardins, an environmentally-friendly suede ankle boot featuring a recycled sole, made from scraps of rubber and leftover components. This way nothing from the production process is wasted. The Jardins come in several different colours and will set you back GBP 119.



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