Every Moment Counts

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At allmygoodness, we believe in making the most of your life, looking after your body, mind and soul.  A new website, aims to capture the special moments of people who are living their life to full. However, these are not just the moments of anyone; they are the moments and memories of cancer survivors, which makes them even more special.

Cancer Research UK’s newest project which launched this week holds the allmygoodness life at its core. Every Moment Counts allows cancer survivors and their loved ones share a meaningful moment that helped them along their cancer journey.

Cancer Research UK- Every Moment Counts


If you’ve been affected by cancer, you’ll know that time is precious. Moments that you might have taken for granted before suddenly have more value. If you have a moment that is special to you, share it on Every Moment Counts and inspire others. You can help create more moments for people with cancer, by donating today. The more research that can be done, the sooner we’ll beat cancer.

Since 1902 Cancer Research UK has been revolutionary in treatment and achieved a long list of firsts. Now they’re pushing well into the future – developing newer, kinder treatments, getting closer to cures.

Every step they make towards beating cancer relies on every pound, every hour and every person. As a collective force, Cancer Research UK has helped double survival rates in the last forty years. More than 1 in 3 of us will develop cancer at some point in our lives and with our ageing population, this statistic is getting worse. Donate and help the cause.

Live your life and treasure the goodness within it. Raise awareness. Every moment counts.


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