The Suckle Feeder: for a more natural baby bottle feeding experience

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Through personal choice, work commitments or for paternal bonding, an increasing number of women do not (or cannot) breastfeed, and even more want to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding.

  • Over 25% of women with newborns do not (or cannot) breastfeed
  • Over 50% of women are not breastfeeding at 6 weeks
  • Less than 1% of babies are breastfed exclusively at 26 weeks

suckle feeder2There are clear and demonstrable health differences between babies who are bottle fed and those who are breast fed. Haberman’s latest innovation, the Suckle Feeder, was developed to combat these and provide a much more natural and safer way of bottle feeding.

It is a revolutionary and innovative new feeder that, unlike other bottles, does not require your baby to learn a different way to feed. The Haberman Suckle Feeder works to significantly reduce wind, guzzling and colic, prevents overfeeding and lowers the risk of feed entering the middle ear or respiratory tract.

It compliments and supports breastfeeding, and is easy to assemble – even one-handed at 3am with a baby in your arms. Based on unique technology endorsed by healthcare professionals around the world, the Suckle Feeder is designed specifically with both mum and baby in mind. It is perfect for mothers who either aren’t breastfeeding or who wish to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding – working best for those babies who have not fallen into ‘lazy’ habits from using another bottle.

Suckle System

Unlike other bottles, the Suckle Feeder allows the baby to feed from a closed teat, resulting in a more natural suckling based system which mimics the breast. This way the baby can feed in a more upright position and milk is delivered by suckling on the teat, rather than flowing under gravity (as with vented bottles). This leads to improved speech development, reduces colic, overfeeding, guzzling and the risk of feed entering the middle ear or respiratory tract. Helping to avoid over-feeding is important because published medical research has shown that rapid weight gain in the first few months  significantly increase the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in later life.”

Reducing Air Ingestion

The Suckle Feeder has created a revolutionary, more natural approach to reducing air ingestion that is designed to make the baby feed slowly and actively work. The closed teat means that air cannot be swallowed from inside the bottle. The teat stays filled at any angle and a filter system removes micro bubbles of air from within the milk before it enters the teat.

BPA free

The majority of the Suckle Feeder is made out of a polypropylene, the grades of which were formulated for the demands of infant feeding. Acetal is also used and a medical grade silicone. All of the materials are selected, certified and independently tested to be safe and free from things like BPA.

The Haberman Suckle Feeder is available in Boots stores nationwide and is priced at £7.50

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